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Help Street Sense Media change lives!

Your generosity during this year-end campaign will help us reach new goals. More importantly, it can help save and extend more lives.

$156,556 raised

$130,000 goal

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2020 brought unprecedented challenges to our community and Street Sense Media's work: a global pandemic, economic decline, and the pain that comes with the necessary isolation of so many people from those they care about. We were forced to re-think the way we run our programs, suspend print publication of our newspaper for several months amid shutdowns, and create an urgent fund to provide direct relief to our vendors when they needed us most.

Despite all the challenges of this year, we have hope, and we have made progress. We have people like you, generous donors, to thank for that. We couldn't offer low-barrier employment opportunities to over 100 men and women, provide case management services to as many as 80 people per month, publish quality reporting on local issues that are too often overlooked, or elevate the voices of people experiencing homelessness without you.

Our Street Sense Media team has high hopes for 2021. We will continue to offer direct relief to vendors in need for the duration of the pandemic, while expanding our case management program, staffing up our newsroom, and, as soon as we are able, increasing the publication of our newspaper to once per week. Meeting these goals will have an extraordinary impact on the people we work with and serve. You can help us make this impact.

Thank you for supporting our vendors and Street Sense Media's dreams with a year-end gift. We wish you and yours all the best this holiday season.