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Your kindness and generosity may very well save a life.

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Dear supporters, readers, community members, and friends,

Despite all the disruption, despite all the uncertainty, Street Sense Media has stood steady alongside the men and women we served throughout the last year during the pandemic. That would have been impossible were it not for the generosity of loyal and new supporters like you.

Your generosity can transform lives and help our vendors through this challenging time. With your support, we will continue investing in new services and opportunities aimed at helping more vendors move out of homelessness. We are deeply grateful for your financial support.

Given the vulnerability of the people we serve, we continue to be guided by an imperative to be bold in our efforts. We’ve maintained an emergency assistance fund for our vendors, expanded case management capacity, and began weekly publication (as of April 14). This boldness will cost well over $100,000 annually. We are confident this investment will propel more vendors forward in their lives. We hope you agree and will show that by donating today to support Street Sense Media.

Your kindness and generosity may very well save a life.

We deeply appreciate your support and wish you and yours the very best of health and all things in this challenging and difficult time.

With gratitude,


Brian Carome
Chief Executive Officer