Help Us Move Forward This Spring

Every donation makes a difference.

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Dear Friend,

Spring. A time of new growth and renewal. A season when we can leave the past behind and look forward. A time to believe that what lies ahead is brighter and more colorful than our past. A season of new opportunities.

At Street Sense Media we are all about the future and not the past. We believe that our potential and willingness to work hard is what defines us, not a past full of homelessness and failure. We believe that it is never too late to carve out a new, successful and rewarding path.

Men and women walk through our doors burdened by their past and the judgement of others. We partner with them, offering employment, a community that wants to support them, and an array of powerful platforms for self-expression.

To be successful at what we aspire to, we need partners like you. Individual donors fuel our work. Their partnership with us makes possible the change we hope for in the lives of our vendors. Without that support, that change cannot be realized. We never take our supporting donors for granted. And unlike so many other organizations, we promise to never bombard you with requests for funding. We reach out twice a year – at year’s end and in this our annual spring appeal. We also send you an invitation to join us in celebration at an annual fall event. No monthly solicitations and never a phone call unless it is to say, “thanks for your generous support.”

We are profoundly grateful for your past support. Please consider renewing your support today with a tax-deductible contribution to our spring appeal. This appeal occurs annually at a time when donations typically slow making it harder for us to keep up with demand for our services and make critical investments. Your support now offers us important stability at a time when we most need it.

Once again, thank you for your generous support.


Brian Carome